48 Artist Interview - Capturing Authenticity: The Journey of Akta Photography

Meet Charlie Frances, the visionary behind Akta Photography. Through his lens, he's not just capturing headshots; he's capturing aspirations.

Charlie created Akta Photography during the pandemic from his own London flat, realizing that some of his actor friends needed headshots. Little did he know that word of mouth alone would turn his side gig into a fully-fledged business including two studios in London and more talented photographers joining him to shoot over 1200 actors in 2 years!

Driven by a thirst for understanding, Charlie spent two years engaging with industry leaders, refining Akta Photography's approach with insights from figures like Kharmel Cochrane and Amy Hubbard.

He has also worked with big names such as RADA or Theatre Peckham.

Charlie's mission is to help actors break into the elusive world of acting and support their journey every step of the way.

In this podcast episode, host and founder of Akta Photography, Charlie, shares his inspiring journey from being an actor to establishing a successful photography company. Joined by the excitement of creativity, Charlie discusses the unique approach of Akta Photography, working with talented individuals in the theater and film industry. The episode delves into the essence of portrait photography, emphasizing the importance of capturing the depth and authenticity of the artist rather than simply showcasing their skills. Charlie narrates the unexpected beginnings of Akta Photography, including a transformative encounter with filmmaker J.J. Abrams. The discussion unfolds the company's Pay What You Can initiative, highlighting the commitment to making professional photography accessible to all, while also exploring the challenges and lessons learned along the way. Join the conversation on the significance of comfort and commitment in the creative process, offering valuable insights for both artists and entrepreneurs.


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