01 Artist Interview - Adalea Howell - Getting to know yourself through your art

Adalea Howell is an acrylic artist, instructor from Houston Texas and as well as doing her own art she supports other artists through a platform the Sandbar Art Studio, celebrating and connecting creatives, hosting supportiveart competitions and offering free resources for artists.

In this episode I am talking with Adalea about her art process, her relationship to art and how it all started. We talk about beliefs that hold us back and how you paint as you live.

I am very excited to launch this podcast with a bang and I hope you enjoy the episode.

You can check out Adalea and the Sandbar Art Studio here:
and email adaleahowell@thesandbarartstudio.com

You can get involved aswell and apply as a spotlight artist or be part of her community.
Check out all the art on her page!

Adalea is such a bubbly and inspiring person to talk to and I look forward to more collaborations with her in the near future!

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