03 - Artist Interview - Madhuri Adnan 'Crearting' - Art heals & changes lives

In this podcast Episode I am interviewing Madhuri!

I was inspired by her story how art healed her and helped her out of Despression and brought her to a career and life path impacting the lives of others through her art. 

Creativity and innovation have always inspired her. Madhuri’s passion for dance, painting, and creating art has shaped her love for creativity in the right direction. 
She has Choreographed and performed creative UVact for the International Jubilee art festival in Lisbon and exhibited artwork in many events including the National Art Festival. Madhuri was born in India, after gaining many experiences to stay in different places. 

Currently, she is staying in Africa. She brings back her experiences of living the multicultural life and puts it all together in the form of her art. Her mantra is a soul out through Art.

Here you can find her Instagram  Art Profile  is @Creartingbymadhuri and her  personal profile @madhurimkm


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