04 - Artist Interview - Andy Martinez - We are all white belts

In this episode I am talking with Andy Martinez, an oil painting Artist from North Dakota, United States. 
I found Andy's art scrolling through Instagram and was very impressed with his paintings. He creates realistic oil paintings, portraits or figure painting and his craft is very refined.

I was intrigued to invite him and ask him about his art, his creative process and I am excited to present to you this podcast episode.

You can find Andy Martinez's art on www.andymartinezart.com where you can order his work on prints and if you want an original commission made by him contact him on Instagram 
under @andymartinezart

Andy has created a special offer just for the Born to Create Podcast Listeners, to receive 15 % off of his commission., which is revealed at the end of the episode.

Go check him out on www.andymartinezart.com and IG @andymartinezart and watch out for the episode next monday!

I am inspired by his wisdom and we are going to do a part 2 on 'How to create an Art Business' soon to come too!

Stay tuned!



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