05 Artist's Interviews - Aemi Elizabeth Sullivan - Catalytic Environment for Creativity

Aemi is an artist living in Hawaii, she is mainly inspired by nature and loves to paint wildlife... 

I love her work as it is magical and Aemi doesn't just paint magic but also lives it, surrounded by beautiful nature and the whales she loves surrounding Hawaii. 

Aemi is a wonderful conversation partner to just let the conversation flow, taking in the moment. 

I was amazed at the sunrise that happened as we spoke, while it was 6pm in Germany and for her 6 am in Hawaii.

In this conversation we talk about the impact of supportive environment, such as family being supportive of art, aswell as how solitude and boredom are a great catalyst for creativity, as well as connecting to nature from a young age, hightening the sensitivity to your surroundings. 
We had a conversation about art being healing, this tends to crop up in every conversation I have with artists and how just doing it is the best thing you can do, just posting your work and doing it and things will start flowing if you are an artist who wants to create a life around your art, find a way to just do it and enjoy the process and show it to the world consistently.

You can find Aemi on Facebook as Aemi Elizabeth Sullivan and just add her if you want to connect with her and be one of the lucky ones to receive a beautiful commission by her, or on Instagram as @aemielizabeth

IG: @aemielizabeth
FB: Aemi Elizabeth Sullivan


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