07 - Artist Interview - Alex Mill - Creativity is Sexual Energy

ūüĒ•This weeks episode on BTC is with Alex Mill!

 Her art is the Art of Story's! She is an incredible story teller and writer, always searching for a greater meaning in her story telling that reflect the opening up of paradigms. 
 She incorporates the power of Story now in helping others be the master of their Story. 

 Check out her site: https://www.masterofstory.net

 When I met Alex she was still working in the Television industry in London and was writing a script for a film she had planned to produce! 

 It was exciting to work with her!

 Today she is a Mindful Intimacy Catalyst in Ibiza and helps people to embody their sexuality fully and freely to be fully themselves.

 I talk with her about creativity and the energy of creativity in relation to sexual energy and the source of life. 

 This conversation is very interesting as Alex when she speaks is very connected to another realm which is sometimes hard to put into words as its a felt experience.

Creativity is energy of love and so is shedding shame and all kinds of layers we have on top of us as human beings in this world, the more we can shed shame and ill feelings about ourselves, the more creativity will flow, the more love will flow.

 If we can embody and live our sexuality free from shame and integrated we can live creative, free and full of love. 

 This episode has some explicit language 

 You can find more about Alex here:






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