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Kicking off the new year strong we have new Podcast episodes coming and I am excited to announce the next Guest!

Are you fearing that the current climate has crushed your dreams at being the artist you are here to be? 

This podcast episode is touching on the current climate for artists, actors and all creatives, with some important mindset settings and refreshing view points from @lbdarrin!

He was my Vocal Coach 15 years ago, I remember going backstage to the Lion King Musical in Hamburg to have my lessons, which was exciting and awesome, seeing all the costumes and make up!

He is not only an amazing singer and actor, but also an amazing Motivational Speaker as his mindset is pure Diamond!

We had a wonderful and insightful conversation about creativity and his journey of his career, staying true to his art and his souls journey, deciding to go from being an athlete to his true passion of being an actor and singer, making it to Broadway and following on to play key roles in Musicals and always striving for more. I am sure you will enjoy this conversation! 

Darrin Lamont Byrd- Actor-Singer-Voicover Artist-Vocal Coach and Motivational Speaker.

1995 was the year Mr. Byrds Career took flight. Canadian Tour-Five Guy's Named Moe-Big Moe. 1996 Jesus Christ Superstar-Judas(Chico Light Opera(. Later that year Big River- Jim (Actors Playhouse Miami, Nominated for best Actor in a Musical). 1997 US National Tour-Dreamgirls. 1998-2002 World Tour,National Tour & Broadway-Rivedance the Show. Darrin moved to Germany in 2003-008 to work in König der Löwen, first as a Walking Cover Mufasa & Pumba. Then taking over as the first cast Mufasa. He returned to the show in 2012-14 as a Cover and eventually as first cast Mufasa again. In 2015 Darrin was lucky enough to get Ragtime-Booker T. Washington which would run until early 2018 between Braunschweig Staatstheater, Kassel Staatstheater and Graz Oper. 2018-19 Sherlock Holmes:Next Generation-Aleister Crowley. 2018-19 That 70s Show- Featured Soloist Kassel Staatstheater.

2012 was the year Souldacity was born. A Jazz, Soul, Funk, Fusion Quartet. You can find them on Apple Music & Spotify. Debut Album "These are the Days". Darrin is grateful to have the chance to live his dream as a performing artist!


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