11 - Artist Interviews - Andy Johnson - Allow yourself to fail

The next Star of our Show of Artists Interviews on the Born to Create Podcast is the wonderful and witty Andy Johnson!

I had so much fun with him on the interview, having a lot of laughs and lots of movement on the camera as he is very expressive and his creative energy is flowing!!Here is a little bit about Andy, who I know from my time at Hurtwood House, Uk's most creative School and he was my Drama Teacher!

'Andy started his career as a stand-up comic; this led to acting, writing, and directing credits for TV and Radio. He shares in a BAFTA award for his writing and performance on five seasons of Short Change for the BBC.He has helped over 400 people into drama school.Among his protégées - Vanessa Kirby, Emily Blunt, Michael Balogun. Viveik Kalra, Maxim Baldry.Andy is often invited to direct theatre or run masterclasses at universities and drama schools; these have included LIPA, E15, Mountview, The London Studio Centre, Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre, Bristol University, Middlesex University and at the University of Nevada.In 2013 The Excellent Audition Guide was published by NHB; currently a best seller in the category of Stagecraft'In the Episode which is launching tomorrow we have talked about fears, anxieties, the ego holding yourself back from just being, the inner voice and chatter that talks you down... He emphasised on the importance of allowing yourself to fail and just doing it!This episode is not only exciting and refreshing for Actors to listen into, but for artists in generel who are working with the most 'Vulnerable' part of themselves, pouring their creativity out into the world, which is when most of the limiting beliefs are being triggered!I love this episode and Andys energy and words of wisdome and humor! Jump in tomorrow morning to listen into this episode! 


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