12 - Artist Interviews - Nick Forkeotes - Paint Saved -From Addictions via emotionally driven Art to Full time Artist

Nick Forkeotes is a Full time artist who uses raw emotions to express creativity. 

With  36 years of age, with just under a year of painting, he is a recovering addict who found his love of painting as an emotional release during his early days in recovery. 

Painting has changed his life! 
I enjoyed the conversation with Nick so much because of his open vulnerability and rawness of his art and expression. 

When you listen in to this conversation you are listening to someone who has turned his life around within under a year, from being an addict to being a full time artists that has healed through art having never done art before. 

We talk about just doing art, expressing emotions, being vulnerable and just being ok with trying and failing.

If you feel you are in a place where you feel there is no way out of it, there always is, your life can turn around in a blink of an eye!

Nick has turned it around because he confronted his emotions and spent time expressing them and being with them and has poured his soul into expression.

This episode is very inspirational!

Here are Nick'S socials where you can find him and his Art!

Nicks Pics R us, 
Nick Forkeotes, 


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