14- Artists Interviews - Scout Wilson - creating surreal worlds with powerful women through the communication of her dreams

For this Episode I am interviewing Scout Wilson!

Wow what a beautiful interview! She has some wonderful quality and power to her within her sensitivity  and  depth! 

Scout  mostly focuses on painting with a little tattooing on the side. She is a quiet person with a lot to say & art helps her get there. 
At the moment  she works full time as a pharmacy technician, doing art shows on the weekends. 
Her father was an artist so he taught her at a very young age.  

She shares: 

"I paint my dreams in order to cope with stress and understand myself better. I had a rough childhood so after being a very outgoing child to a very reserved adult, I had to find ways to communicate and voice how I actually felt. By creating surreal worlds with powerful women being the center points, I bring a realness to me that I could never bring any other way. I tend to paint best with emotions running rampant, most of my super surreal pieces are from me having reoccurring dreams sometimes for weeks. Not saying I can’t get any work done on a clear mind, but emotions fuel the fire."

Here you can find Scout and her wonderful dreamy art:

Instagram @scoutwilsonart
Tiktok: scoutwilsonart
Facebook: Scout wilson art
Shopify: scout-wilson-art.myshopify.com


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