15 - Artists Interviews - Laurén Magda -From trauma blooms beauty: A healing journey to creative freedom

Instagram: @LaurenMagdaArt Website: LaurenMagda.com
https://laurenmagda.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/laurenmagdaart/ 

Laurén is an abstract painter who uses her art as a meditation practice to infuse spiritual energy and concepts into her work. Her work aims to give others a sense of healing and inner-spiritual empowerment. 

She tells: 'My journey with my creativity has been a long and winding road, very much interwoven into my healing journey. Years went by after art school where I was barely creating. But a few years ago I decided to start an inner-healing journey with the help of a Spiritual coach, in which I confronted my childhood and generational trauma, artistic comparison hang-ups and challenged what my creativity meant through intuitive exploration. With the healing came a natural rebirth in what and how I create. In giving myself space from toxic influences and nurturing my mind, body and soul, I found the confidence to stop comparing my art to other artist’s work and was freed from debilitating procrastination. I went from creating works my whole adult life that were objective to abstract and intuitive, and it’s these works that resonate with others more than anything I’ve ever created. That’s the beauty of embracing your natural instincts, but like me, it can take a lot of healing and uncovering to get there. '

I am struck by Lauréns spiritual and courageous essence and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and connecting with her!  

'When I create, I feel the external world fall away. It’s very much like meditation. Thoughts come and go like the clouds in the sky and organic inspiration happens. It’s really a magical place to be, no matter how I’m feeling when I go into creating.'


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