16 - Artists Interview - Kristen Morley - You don't have to be an Artist to be an Artist

'You don't have to be an Artist to do Art!'

The next Artist on the Born to Create Podcast is the wonderful Kristen Morley:

'As a queer, mixed-race artist, I describe myself as existing in the ‘between’ spaces. Straddling demographics, I often find myself observing the world from the periphery, and am particularly interested in examining the ways that we relate to our environments.
Creating expressionist works, I use intuitive motions to unify bold color palettes and soft shapes, employing an abstract lens to explore themes of gender presentation, vulnerability and universal connectivity.'

Kristen started doing Art after just one day feeling the need to create. She has a background in working in the corporate world and only discovered her Art after going to Art Therapy.
We talked about anxiety and depression, not having to be an artist to be an artist and being connected to something greater...

You are always a creative even if you don't engage with it and the thought processes that hold us back from creating is the same cause that creates unhappiness in life amidst other things..

Creativity is taken for granted and there is a huge healing or uncovering of the layers that hold people back from living their true and thriving self!

Great episode to listen to!

Kristen is a wonderful person to talk to with a lot of wisdom within her calm and welcoming nature.

Check her out on her channel on IG @kristenmorley and check out her Art on her website www.kristenmorley.com


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