17 - Artists Interviews - Nasi - Making Failing a goal and Healing from Perfectionism

Nasi is a 27 year old Dutch artist who works with mixed media on paper. The main material she uses is watercolours, but inks, acrylics and oil pastels are also included in her works. The subjects of her artworks are critical thoughts towards contemporary society or herself, often related to the problems with the ‘stone-age mind’ (i.e. the discrepancy between contemporary society and our  biology). In her work she explores deep emotions, trauma's and  existential questions and tries to put them into a context which open up conversations around these taboos.

Artistic Curriculum Vitae

2021 May 30 - 'When Words Fail' juried online exhibition at visionaryartcollective.  Curated by Grace Lang. 

2020 - Shortlisted at the FIDA global fashion illustration & drawing awards. Category: The Figure. Artwork: Nemesis of Individuality.

2019 - Designer of Van Kan Coaching (InDesign) 

2014 - 2016 Designer and Illustrator of TIS magazine for interdisciplinary students of the University of Amsterdam (InDesign) 

2014 - Propedeuse obtained at Design Academy Eindhoven.

"I used to be creative and go to an arts education, but perfectionism killed my creativity and made me stop creating for years. When I got into an unfortunate accident I had to learn overcoming perfectionism, since rehabilitation or revalidation asks for growth through failure. There is absolutely no way up without having regular downs, because that is where the true growth happens. Applying this in my art helped me finally overcome art blocks (although they still occur) and keep creating and sharing!'

First of all I was intrigued by her unique artistic style and drawn to her eerie and beautful figures she draws. To me they feel like an abstraction of daily emotions and express  a feel made me curious to get to know the artist behind it. 

I then was soon captured by her story of overcoming the repercussions of an accident through the exploration and authentic interaction with herself and her true creative expression. 

In this episode we are talking about the impact of perfectionism on overall health and wellbeing in life and how owning ones true unique way of being in life has an instant effect of healing....

You can find Nasi under the following Social Pages:

Instagram: @nasi_art_
TikTok: @nasi_art_
Website: www.nasiart.com


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