18 - Mark Dolamore - The discovery of Art proving the Phenomenon of Synchronicity

'Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.' Carl Jung

 This episode features an artist, who ‘discovered’ his art by observing that place Jung spoke of. He was led by synchronicity and was allowed by it to channel hidden information that proves the phenomenon of synchronicity comes from a timeless dimension, a spirit of nature synonymous with beauty, whose synergy develops our innate, hidden genius, and is something we can all tap into. 
 It was a delight to have this conversation with Mark Dolamore, who styles himself the bringer of the first art discovery capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with anything out of science.

Mark’s focus is conceptual, from a systems and perception research viewpoint, having spent his life investigating synchronicity. The Jungian experience descended on him in his late twenties and then grew over a decade.  

 Mark’s early artistic goals grew out of a fascination with Jungian ideas through significant, memorable dreams at crucial points in time. This confluence of the inner and outer life is something Mark believes is related to the evolution of humanity and the self, something Jung referred to as: Individuation. 

Mark’s story also involves an abiding interest in the oriental Bible, the I Ching. Its alignment with the natural order, the timing of events synonymous with synchronicity, which seems to dictate our destiny, requires a measure of conscious alignment with the Taoist path of fire, to catch its tide on the flood, as Shakespeare put it. Ancient oriental alchemy referred to it as the path of Li (fire).  

It was said a disciple of Tao knows when he’s on the path of Li because answers came from left and right. It’s a metaphor, an ancient description of synchronicity. Mark’s path following the phenomenon sent him off to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where his Pyramid Art discovery emerged. He hopes people see the possibility of cultivating their spirituality through a similar feedback project they can direct themselves, involving a timeless dimension all life comes from and returns to.

Mark is now unable to work without assistance, due to an illness that’s robbed all his strength and confines him to a wheelchair.

Get in touch and take advantage of his residential synchronicity training offer: markdolamore@yahoo.co.uk


Twitter @mysterymanone



A published article: https://www.artrevealmagazine.com/the-revolutionary-art-of-mark-dolamore/


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