20 - Artist Interviews - EEZMAH - Inspire People to follow their Heart

Eezmah is a Saudi Arabian Artist and illustrator with a background in fashion design. 

She creates whimsical, fun, illustrations and characters. 

She's known for her focus on cartoonish portraits of women with big eyes. 

Eezmah currently freelances and works with brands and individuals to create whimsical illustrations that could help elevate their business or sell more products.

IG @eezmah

Talking with Eezmah, I felt so relaxed and at ease, she has such a huge heart and is a very talented Artist. Her illustrations are thought provoking and fun :) 

In this conversation you will be inspired to hear her journey of aligning to the path of what she loves doing in the NOW, rather than spending a lifetime preparing for the time when she could finally do what she loves most, painting/illustrating.

If you are feeling like you are working towards an ever moving signpost, this episode may inspire you to act on what you love doing now rather than later!


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