21 -Artists Interviews -Koorosh Nejad - 'Accedentally' art changed his life and he became the Artist of his Art of Symbols

An 'accidental' artist with a passion about cultures, mythology, and symbols.

Koorosh Nejad opens up about how he discovered his artistic side in the middle of the Pandemic, through an accidental momoent,  helping him to recover from depression and find a new purpose in life.

'My art is my reflection on mythology, symbols, signs, characters, and other cultural elements of ancient civilizations. I research a particular culture first, then pick those elements I wish to use in the artwork, embed a dominant shape in the middle, add my own spin that is mainly inspired by cubism, do the details, then complete the painting.


I am passionate to create work that reflects my love of the source material I work from. The ancient cultures and their untold stories, various mystery traditions, and the ever-unfolding and often mystical experience of being alive in a world that is apparently material, immaterial, and prone to all manner of interesting archetypal expressions and wonderments.'

This episode is another example of the healing effects of art and how art seems to always come to be the one thing that helps people transform, especially when they haven't done art before. It is always there even if people think it isn't.

I am so excited about this episode! Enjoy it and here are Koorosh's links:



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