22 -Artists Interview - Eye Leakim - You are Art - Learning from the Past in order to make the present better

Eye Leakim is a 27 year old highly sensitive photographer/ visual artist and writer who uses his art to  talk about the “taboos” and the “unspoken” reality we live in  these days and he shares his views and feelings visually according to each concept and story. 

He describes his style as hypersensitive & thought “Provocative” Art.

I very much enjoyed meeting Eye Leakim, as he shows courage,  rawness and realness in his unique artwork and artistic communication and is a joy to chat with .

Here are words by him:

'I am like every other artist.

I am the best and the worst,

I have vision and I’m full of myself.

My art is described by,  

This could be better or that.

It’s cool but I don’t like it.

It’s too dark or too vivid,

What the Fuck is this?

Olha o jarro kkk ( Sim eu sou Português) 

It’s not politically correct.

What on earth is this shit!

The list will eventually grow and

It all means I’m going in the right direction! 

So if your mind tells you this.

I am like every other artist.

I live in my own world.

Welcome aboard. '

You can follow his artistic journey here:

IG @eye_leakim
& website:



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