23 - Artists Interviews - Chris Trueman - Successfully navigating both the physical art world as well as the digital NFTs

Chris Trueman is an artist who has worked between painting and digital media for twenty years. He double majored in Painting and Digital media at the San Francisco Art Institute and holds an MFA from Claremont Graduate University. He has exhibited his work broadly both domestically and internationally. In 2018 he was one of the early adopters of NFT technology. Since then, Chris has been invited to launch NFTs on the curated platforms Nifty Gateway, Makers Place, Foundation App and has explored the open platforms OpenSea, Rarible and Hic et nunc. He recently was one of the first artists to bring NFTs into the gallery space with his work WWMC5 dispalyed at Winston Wachter Fine Art in Seattle. Chris is part of a small handful of artists that has been able to successfully navigate both the physical art world as well as the digital NFTs.

In this Podcast Episode we dive in deep into how he got started with his Art Career, he shares some Business Insights and of what he teaches his students how to make a passion for art  an actual career/business, he shares his artistic process, which is super interesting and we dive into NFT's and AI.

His words of wisdom are invaluable and I thoroughly enjoyed having this conversation with Chris.

Enjoy this episode and below you can find his socials:


IG: @truemanchris


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