24 - Artists Interviews- Aaron Jack - Like the Leaves in the river - Presence, holding on & letting go - Creativity synonymous to Nature

This episode with Arron Jack, dives deep into the possibilities of creating, through presence, environmental and space awareness,  and the idea of letting go and allowing yourself to be who you are in this present moment. 

Aaron has a wonderful meditative way of expressing himself, which is a great inspiration to start practicing attention.

One of the sentences I will not forget was 'What's around us might just be a starting point to act'
When we notice the present moment we can act on that potential that is existent within that momen, all ´we really need at any time.

Aaron is currently travelling and letting the moment take him to the next, when I interviewed him he was still in the Bronx in the US and over the months I some him create art in the Mountains in France and in Berlin and I recently met with him in Hamburg when he passed by the city by a wonderful 'co-incident' and connected over a cup of tea.

Listening to Aaron takes you into a different state, it is quite beautiful so I hope you enjoy the episode.

Aaron has a Background in Photography based out of Pittsburgh, PA and New York City and creates art with ink and rice paper. 

Here you can Check out his Social Media 

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