28 Artist Interview - Being Creative for Creative Sake

Stephanie is a multidisciplinary artist and creative from Berkshire, England.

Her work is focused on ‘the human condition.’ Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences and by the observation of others’

In Stephanies highly emotive and expressive works, the aim is to invite the viewer to question, with hope of discovery.

Abstraction and surrealism are the predominant genres used, often with a strong conceptual angle that furthers her ideas.

Experimentation is key to Stephanie's practice, especially as she is a kinaesthatic learner, using varying mediums and techniques.



In this episode Stephanie and I talk about being creative for creative sake, the denial of ones own creativity and devaluing the importance of art globally, using creativity as her voice, especially through challenging times, from challenges within childhood to health related issues. Art has been Stephanies tool for connection with people, aswell as a tool to express herself and has given her strength and energy for life to stop playing small and being her own person, doing what she desires and creating fulfilment in her life.

It is what helps her to put herself out there and do the things that feel unconfortable for her, such as going live online and doing interviews, despite the nerves she feels, she feels a pull from her art to come out of her shell and claim being herself and showing it to the world, which I find so fascinating and loved this conversation with her. Other topics we touched on are neurodivergence and the effects we have on the planet with out choices, which started through a conversation we found ourselves having through her artwork and what she was communicating with it.

Absolutely beautiful episode, which I can recommend to listen into if you are someone who has a lot to share, lots of creativity hidden within you, but feel a need, a desire to have your voice be heard, but feel that you are still lacking confidence to put yourself out there, here is a gentle invitation to you.

Use your strengths that come naturally to you, and if you don’t yet know what that is for you, follow your curiosities and go into playful exploration mode and allow things to come through.


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