33 Artist Interview - The Path to realising I was BORN TO CREATE

Rachel is a creator In London crafting art & photography about People, Places, and Florals.As a London-based personal branding photographer, Rachel specialises in creating visually stunning images that show the unique experience that creative and luxury brands offer their clients.

She creates timeless portraits to celebrate key moments in ones life and branding imagery for brands to help them connect with their ideal audience by creating an engaging, eye-catching visual story through photography. For their marketing, PR, and social media.

She has this insatiable desire to create, tell stories, and trigger emotions, to show how beautiful the world is, and create an environment where people can imagine themselves.

She lovs celebrating WOMANHOOD, the feminine and what makes a woman. Her story, how she came about, found her unique voice, and how she stands up for herself.

‘I love the process of working on a photography project as much as I like creating photographs. The anticipation and the creative thinking are everything I love about a project that I can work on from scratch.

I don’t want to work with people who do not align with my vision, as they will never be satisfied with whatever I create. What I offer is me, I give you my creativity, my passion, and experience that are all unique to me.’

Instagram rachelvogeleisen

Website  https://www.rachelvogeleisen.com/


About Rachel https://rachelvogeleisenphotography.com/about-rachel/

Prints https://www.rachelvogeleisenprints.com/


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