34 Artist Interview - The paradoxical relationship between rationality, memory, body, context and experimentation

Jillian is an AUSTRALIAN ARTIST in London, a PODCASTER @artfictionspodcast an occasional ART WRITER.

Her art practice brings stillness to the fractured process of perceiving what is present: a circumstance constantly in flux. Stretching from stories and landscape to philosophy and biology, she directs her research toward historical and contemporary ideas of origins, lineage, and place, as well as the connections between these. She attempts to describe the paradoxical relationship between rationality, memory, body, context, and experimentation. This is underscored by the complicated familial history she experienced growing up in Australia.

Jillian mostly creates minimal, abstract paintings, which convey an interplay between foreground and background to confuse where the image began, its process of development, and the location of its final brushstrokes. The work is derived by layering one production method over another so that the resulting image mimics layers in editing software as if they could be separated and reconfigured. Taking their cue from the structures of modernist language,  compositions often conflate a formalist approach with its direct opposite, such as minute detail, patterning, or mark-making governed by body movements. The result asserts and undermines the painting’s otherwise idealistic, singular simplicity.

These artistic inquiries extend to art writing and podcast discussions to explore imagery's complex fluidity.

Instagram jillianknipestudio

Website http://www.jillianknipe.com/

Podcast https://linktr.ee/artfictionspodcast


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