37 Artist Interview - Olga Permiakova - Dedicating Art to the ongoing war in the Ukraine

Olga Permiakova is a Ukrainian-Dutch visual artist based in Amsterdam who graduated from Gerrit Rietveld academy in 2018. Her work is characterized by a multi-layered approach, which deconstructs reality and reframes it in new and unexpected ways. Using digital manipulation and collage techniques, Olga creates visual illusions that challenge viewers' perceptions and expectations.

Her creative process starts with theoretical and material research, leading her to explore themes such as war, national identity, sustainability, memory, and mental health. Olga uses her work to explore and comment on these ideas, ranging from personal experiences to broader social issues. With a background in physical science, Olga incorporates experimental materials and techniques into her work, playing with different forms and textures to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and conceptually engaging. Her use of color and playfulness invites viewers into a deeper exploration of serious topics, ultimately hoping to resonate with viewers on a personal level while addressing broader themes and issues.

Olga Permiakova has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. She also was selected as Photographer in Residence at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). Her work has been recognized with several awards, including The Reclaim Award and GUP New 2020 Award, and has been featured in publications such as Het Parool, NZZ am Sonntag, and Das Magazin.

In this interview we talk about the message her art is bringing to the world, especially based on the war in the Ukraine. She has already educated people around the world before February 2022, when her art and message finally received the attention which made her be confronted with mixed emotions.

She gives insight into ukrainian women soldiers and shares some untalked about insights she has received from interviewing women at war in ukraine for the research of her art to make bigger impact and education to the world on this topic.




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