38 Artist Interview -Camille Myles - Reframing ‘interruptions’ to be another form of Flow

Camille Myles is a French-Canadian multi-disciplinary contemporary artist and conservation activist exploring imagery that is grounded in our identity and reflects our impacts on the environment. Working in public art, painting, sculpture and installation, she creates art that tells a story linked to community connection, self-reflection, and the restorative effects of nature.


She received her BFA in Sculpture & Installation at Ottawa University and her MA in Heritage Conservation at Carleton University. Marrying her passion for conservation and art, she has worked as an archaeologist in artist-run centres, the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, ICCROM in Rome, Canada’s National Trust and was a Park Superintendent at Parks Canada. Myles has exhibited extensively including Quest Art Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery, BHA Gallery, Arts Mums United, Visionary Art Collective, Arts to Hearts Project, PxP Contemporary, Ottawa Art Gallery, Gallery 115, among others. In 2022, she was invited in 2022 to join the International Broken Forests Art Collective. She was awarded an art residency in June 2022 at Studio H Canada in Victoria BC where she developed her new painting collection of “Crying Landscapes” - a plea for change as well as “I Stand Alone” an interactive drawing installation which has been exhibited at Quest Art Gallery in August-Sept 2022.


Being drawn to the power of public art as a social community conversation, the artist has been creating murals and large-scale public art sculptures in Midland and in Penetanguishene. Her work has been featured by the Art Seen Magazine, Jealous Curator, Toronto Star, Create! Magazine, Visionary Art Collective, Arts to Hearts Project, Women United in Art Magazine and podcasts, including Arts Mums United, Hot Mess to Awesomeness & CFRH. She won the Diamond Jubilee Medal and was a Canadian RBC New Painting Competition finalist. She’s a founding artist member of the Art Queens and The Works by Erika B Hess from I like your Work. Originally from Gatineau, Quebec, she now lives along the shores of Georgian Bay, in Tiny Ontario with her husband and three young children.




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