39 Artist Interview - Cindy Ingram - The Power of Trusting the process & letting the process create what needs to be created

Cindy is a Coach and Creator of the Art and Self Podcast, an Art Class Curator & founder of the Art Connection Circle.

Cindy Ingram is on a mission to bring the power of art connections to the masses. With more than 20 years of experience in art museums and classrooms, Cindy started Art Class Curator in 2014. Then she launched the Curated Connections Library to share how to creatively teach art education in a way that supports critical learning skills and sparks lifelong art connections.

Cindy is passionate about taking art out of dark, stuffy lecture halls and out of the pretentious gatekeeping of “fine art” and into the hearts, minds, and lives of everyone.

Cindy delights in all things science, philosophy, art, and psychology and in being unironically excited about thoughts, ideas, and feelings. In Art and Self, Cindy combines her art and teaching expertise with her obsession with philosophy, personal development, and coaching to create a unique take on both how to engage with art and how to use art as a tool for self-discovery, clarity and action.

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