27 Artist Interview - Sheyla Stevens - Choosing to be an Artist no matter what!

A powerful conversation about the power of your mind, the power of decision making through the heart and non-dependent on ones feelings or thoughts. 

Listening back to this episode gave me goosebumps and inspired me a lot. It is an episode that highlights the power of mindset, which when truly connected with to this level overrides mental health conditions that one might easily feel defeated by and not pursue ones dreams.

Sheyla has been unstoppable in creating her dream, made the choice to be an artist no matter what. I think she is an inspiration and I can't wait for you to hear this episode.

Sheyla  is a self-taught painter, designer, and art entrepreneur known for  colorful and gestural watercolor paintings. She is originally from  Yauco, Puerto Rico but currently lives in Oahu, Hawai’i. She grew up  watching the adults in her family working with their hands and this  instilled an interest and a deep appreciation for artisanal work. As a  child she attended many arts and crafts workshops offered by artisans in  her local community. It was this exposure that influenced and fed her  desire to seek and enjoy the act of making, painting and creating.

Sheyla  has been traveling and moving all over the USA and the world for over  13 years as a military spouse. With a moving lifestyle, she nurtured her  creative practice through online courses. Her artistic formation comes  by learning directly from professional artists since 2015. In 2020, she  launched her online website to share her creations and art with the  world.

Today, in Hawaii she enjoys plein-air painting, gardening,  hiking, snorkeling and exercising. She volunteers in her art community  as a Workshop and Paint Out Event Coordinator. And often participates in  local Arts & Crafts markets, gallery expositions and plein-air  painting sessions with other local artists. It is her dream to someday  own a brick and mortar shop where she can sell not just her art and  creations but the art of other amazing artists and crochet artisans as  well.

Please stop by to check out her latest collection of original paintings Out & About.  

Or check out the online shop for prints, clutches, handmade tea towels, greeting cards and other products featuring her art and designs.'





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