42 Artist Interview - Kasia Muzyka - The Magic of Art and Connecting to your creativity

Kasia is a Polish-American artist creating intuitive, abstract artwork.

In her work, she aims to create a space for others to connect with their feminine side beyond the ordinary experience.

In honor of that connection, she founded Call2Love - ‘Fashion From the Heart’- a wearable art clothing line. Thy mission is to empower others from within by enhancing the connection with their own hearts.

Kasia believes that clothes carry an energetic expression of oneself to the world. Being a symbolic choice of what we wear daily, they should remind us of our true nature and purpose.

Call2Love Clothing embraces true feminine power by being present and receiving yourself first. That creates a direct connection to Beauty and a reminder for women of who they are.

Kasia’s work is shared and exhibited in USA and Europe, and her art is in private collections in the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, and Poland.

Web: www.call2love.com


Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/call.2.love/



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