36 Artist Interview - Surrender to your mediocrity - Letting the process lead the way and the power of following your instincts

Louise Fletcher is an Abstract landscape artist with a passion for Yorkshire Moors; she is also the co-host for Art Juice and the Founder of the ‘Find Your Joy’ program, and the host and founder of the artist community ‘Art Tribe.’
For Louise, ‘self-expression means allowing her hands to translate emotions into marks on a surface...building up the layers until the painting becomes a portal where you and I connect on a soulful and intimate level.’

Apart from being a practicing artist with much visible success, Lousie is on a mission to help you explore your rich inner world through fearless art.

‘Growing up in Yorkshire, my time was split between exploring the great outdoors and making art. Early on, I knew I wanted to continue pursuing my passion, leading me to study art in college.

In my 20s, I moved from England to North America and left art behind.

At the time, I thought I'd “grown up,” but now I understand that leaving my home somehow disconnected me from myself as I struggled to adapt and fit into new cultures first Canada and then US

In our conversation, Louise and I dove into the expression of her work, letting the process lead the way and re-align to oneself and one’s own way of working, as well as much more about how she has found her way to her art again after a while of ‘losing’ the connection to it, and then, how she created her business and really found her voice with her work.

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