25 Artist Interview - JYAGER Expression & Empowerment of Self - What do you allow?

Jyager is a north London Artist, Rapper,Record Producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and MME Label CEO Jyager.

Originally from Cape Verde and a descent of a west african angolan family, Jyager was raised in Lisbon Portugal until the age of 6 when he moved to England in 1993 with his mother and sister in search of a better life

Jyager went to Anyward Secondary School in North London, Edmonton where he first recognised his passion for music and began writing poetry to express his thoughts and feelings about life from day to day. 

Upon arriving back to the UK Jyager quickly got back to working on a new record that he would engineer and self produce all the beats for which would set the mark for where Jyager stand musically. These sessions would later see Jyager producing records for and collaborating with artiists like fellow BME Label Founder BlackTheRipper, Foreign Beggars, Kyza, Verb T, Jehst, ConfuciousMC, Genesis Elijah, Kashmere (of "Strange Universe"), Rita Ora ,Dan Kamit, ReemRemi, Ejay, DJ Jazz T, SonnyJim, Prince Paslow, Sharlene Klarice, Tasha Michaels, KObane, Jokerstarr, M-Phazes, Doubledge, PhoneixTheiceFire, Telemachus, Brotherman and many more.

Check out more to his Bio on his website.

This conversation is taking you through his experience and background as an artist right down to his life lessons in general and in the music industry. 

I really enjoyed my conversation with him as he shares great wisdom and learnings over the years while being very down to earth and charismatic.

Enjoy this episode and make sure you check out his music here and his new song 'I'm here for you' by Jyager, out now on all major platforms!! :) 

Instagram: @jyagervarasolamon


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